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Eurocode 8 Perspectives from the Italian Standpoint Workshop

Edoardo Cosenza (editor)
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alt 2009-10
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The new Italian code is based on Eurocodes, still it has benefitted of some state-of-the-art advances brought in the community by the ReLUIS project, which actually had as one of the main purposes the development of the seismic code. This is especially true with respect to those aspects related to assessment and retrofit of existing, both reinforced concrete and masonry, structures (it is to recall that existing buildings are certainly the largest issue regarding structures in Italy which has the most of seismic risk carried by these type of constructions), but also for what concerns geotechnical earthquake engineering, and finally seismic actions on structures. This latter goal, could have not been achieved without the advanced probabilistic seismic hazard analysis provided by INGV (Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia) and DPC, which is now available for the whole national territory allowing to determine design seismic actions on a rational basis, yet manageable by practitioners.
The results are not only represented by the new code, which was enforced on July 1st 2009, but also by the step ahead of earthquake engineering as a whole, ranging from the mentioned improvement in understanding of seismic risk of existing structures to new design paradigms and innovative approaches to seismic risk reduction as well as emergency management, directly employed in the recent L’Aquila earthquake in which ReLUIS was side-to-side with DPC acting as one of its centers of competency.

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